Welcome to my portfolio!
My name is Gabriella Makrai.
I am a graphic designer. To learn more about me, scroll down a little. To have a look at my work, scroll down some more. To contact me, scroll all the way down!


About Me

I dedicate most of my waking hours to graphic design.

Quite often I also dream about it.


However, I do have some other passions in my life, some of which are: 



// cooking & baking //

// eating in //

// eating out //



// finding them //

// writing them //

// sending them //




// embarking on them //

// remembering them //

// telling about them //



// good stories //

// folk & fairy tales //

// reference //



// languages //

// something new //

// every day //

Graphic Design
Branding & Stationery
Identity & Packaging
Personal Projects


Contact Me




I am currently in search for my own place under the sun - until I find it, I am based wherever I can find a cosy spot for myself and my laptop. So the best way to contact me at any time is by e-mail, at the following address: